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At last..after 20 something years I have had the privilege to meet the Australian author of the famous books on Body and Talk Language, Allan Pease. He was a guest speaker at our finance and mortgage brokers conference last week on the Gold Coast.

Body and Talk Language are non-verbal languages. You could describe it as language within language. With our Body Language we ‘speak’ or sometimes ‘shout’ (now that’s scary) what we really mean without using words – the way we stand, sit, walk, gesture with our arms etc. With our Talk Language we say what we really mean with the tone of our voice and our choice of words etc. This communication includes what we write, text and post online!

His book ‘Why men don’t listen & women can’t read maps’ (written jointly with his wife Barbara) is a laugh out loud read of Body and Talk Language within relationships.

I still have more of his books  to read. Take a look at his videos on Youtube and have a laugh while you learn.

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I write Bio stories, pitches, taglines, anecdotes and client stories About You as my business and I write poetry for business and pleasure. I am also a qualified chaplain having served two years as a prison chaplain. So 'Pitch with Interest' and 'Tag with Twist' cause 'When I write About You I am right about you'.

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