Well for one reason mainly. I married a very experienced Finance and Mortgage Broker and as the saying goes ‘when you are onto a good thing, stick to it.’ So with further coercion from Peter I agreed to study for yet another year. So here I am, all qualified and what I thought would be a boring career is turning out to be interesting and challenging.

Woman in coffee house bored by female companionAlthough the topic of ‘mortgages’ can be a boring conversation, you have to admit that most people have one or want one. Getting a mortgage is simply the process you must go through to fulfill your goal of owning a family home or an investment property. Most of us would agree that the process of getting a home loan can be anything but simple. You decide on the home that you want to buy, sign the Real Estate Contract of Sale with 14 days to get financial approval. featurepics-stressed-couple-kitchen-late-w214224-1092531The stress clock starts ticking. Only 14 days. You then drop everything to concentrate on getting finance approved. So many questions that need answers. “Which lender do I choose? Which product? Which features? What interest rate? What charges will I have to pay? When will I find the time to research all of this?

12039542_1045006455550480_7334317473847142282_nA Mortgage is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make. It’s up there with marriage. Once you make the decision you will have to live with it for a long time! So many things to do and so little time.  Then buyer’s remorse sets in. Am I buying the property at the right price? Will the lender think it is worth the same amount as the Real Estate Agent sold it to me for? What does this clause mean? What is this form for? Why do I have to sign so many forms?


Just say you do manage get the loan application lodged with a lender, often your application will get lost in the lender’s ‘system’. You lose control of the process and the ability to ‘talk to the right person’.  Your application can disappear for weeks into the lending abyss.


Now, let’s rewind and look at a better version of that scenario. You choose the home or investment property you want to buy. Once we have the necessary information and documents from you, and you are comfortable to proceed with us, you leave the rest to us. We deal with the frustrations and stress of the loan administration process and you continue with your everyday life and enjoy your weekends.

featurepics-happy-indian-family-213852-2931518Don’t worry about us, we will survive as usual. We’ll negotiate (go into battle) with a lender on your behalf. Our clients (and me) are very fortunate to have Peter’s experience to draw on. He has pretty much seen it all in this industry. We often have clients who tell us a bank or an inexperienced broker told them “I can’t get you finance, sorry”. Well, Peter doesn’t take no for an answer from a lender.

peter-n-bev-copy-2-copyWouldn’t you like to have Peter and I do the hard work for you? We are in the know, on your side and offer friendly professional service. And there is more. It’s better than steak knives. Our service costs you $NIL because the lender pays us. Did you know that Mortgage brokers provide lenders with around half of their clientele? So, if you are thinking about refinancing, moving or investing, be it a home or a car, or you know of family or friends who are, contact me to organise a time to have a chat about how we can help. If you are in Brisbane let’s meet up for coffee.