What a Blog of a Journey

My WordPress journey continues

I must confess, I’m still a novice

Some may look at my blog address

And gasp in horror “She needs help.”


Last year I Linkedin and Plugged in,

Icon and Badged, Opted in and out,

But, I got bogged with my blog.


I Liked and smiled,

And shared my emoticons

But, we are not connected

‘Cause, I didn’t post content.


Now, I’ve Imported content

To my new blog site

Where I’ll Edit and Manage

And Widget Icons.


I’ve Customized my Appearance

I Gravatar and Personalize

I Press This and Tag that

I Categorize and Visualize.
Are you listening with Pinterest?

Does my poetry make you Twitter?

Someday we’ll Meetup at Youtube?

But today, please visit and like me.

Simply Story Poetry written by Beverley Joy © 2018