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I understand your curiosity

About Simply Story Poetry

As a wordsmith I compose

Engaging Bio’s.


I run workshops ‘About You’

To Focus on what you do

Your service and product

To create the story they tell.


I simply write stories

About client problems

And how your business

Gave them a solution.


I write stories and poetry

The rhythm, the rhyme

The words that describe

Your Who, What and Why.


My thoughts convey

In a condensed way

To validate what you do

And clarify core values.


To define what’s Unique

What’s Original

In your business or profession.


I can compose all these

Stories and elevator pitch

A catch cry and poem

To grab people’s attention.

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I write Bio stories, pitches, taglines, anecdotes and client stories About You as my business and I write poetry for business and pleasure. I am also a qualified chaplain having served two years as a prison chaplain. So 'Pitch with Interest' and 'Tag with Twist' cause 'When I write About You I am right about you'.

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