Beverley the author of these poems

Simply Beverley is about sharing events, stories, poetry and interesting pieces of the puzzle of life that I have experienced and come across on a day to day basis as I connect with people who have lived similar life experiences to myself.

Often the pieces of life’s puzzle gives us solutions that can puzzle even the best of us. Sometimes the pieces fit together and we find solutions to help us complete our puzzled lives. I am finding that as the years roll on there are fewer pieces left to fit in their place.


About my pages…

S.I.M.P.L.Y. is my business values with a link to my Finance and Mortgage Broking posts on Linkedin and facebook.

My Poetry  is a collection of the poetry I have written over the years that I believe reflects the Simply Beverley woman.

Simply Family…

I was married and raised two daughters in a  big house in a northside Brisbane suburb. Then I was divorced and lived in a small house in a small country town 1 hour west of Brisbane. Now I am re-married with extended family, including grandkids, that live up and down the East Coast of Australia. I am loving life, home alone with my hubby, in a small unit close to the city centre of Brisbane.

Simply Career….

I started my working life in banking. Then studied Beauty Therapy. I enjoyed working in my networking Skincare and Makeup business for many years.  Now as a qualified Finance and Mortgage Broker I join my husband in his business of 15 years.

Simply Hobbies….

I am always reading books on Psychology and Christian Theology . I Write book summaries. I compose poetry. I take and appreciate photography. I like to keep fit, but I am not a fitness freak. I love listening to my favourite music.