A Hug

A Hug view

a hug

You look like you need

What I have to give

So, come over here

Move close to me

Let me give you a hug.


Feel my arms enclosed around you

Feel my hands against your back

Can you feel my embrace?

Holding you firm and close?


Cry your tears

Speak your mind

Ask ‘What if?’

And wonder ‘Why?’

Now relax into my arms

Feel my silence and my peace.


At last,

Your body gives up its stress

As you absorb my calmness

It’s Ok. Draw on my strength

Cause today I have plenty to give.


Just stay there a moment

Don’t think ‘What’s next?’

This hug is for you

A spontaneous gift.


While in my hug you are entwined

I won’t judge nor criticize

I won’t give advice

On what’s wrong or right

Just simply stay and rest a while.


A hug needs no words, no education

And no law should ever restrain it

A hug can calm despair and fear

Give strength to face the coming week.


So, give a hug, take a hug

Ask nothing in return

Connect today with someone

And dare to show you care.

Written by Beverley Joy © 2012