Give from the heart

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Jesus sat in the temple teaching the people

He turned to his followers and said:


“Be careful of religious leaders

Who walk with heads held high

Wearing rich fancy clothing

That make them look important.”


Full flowing robes, expensive fabric

To show off their wealthy leisure lifestyle.


People forced to show them respect

They sat in front row seats

In church and at distinguished events

And said long prayers in public.


They cheated widows out of their money

Make them feel guilty and pressured

To give beyond what they can afford

Defenceless, vulnerable women.


Jesus looked up and saw those leaders

Give money so people could see them

Then he saw a poor widow

Drop in two copper coins

And slip away unnoticed.


Jesus said “This widow gave only two coins

But she has given God more

Than all those wealthy leaders

Who give only what they don’t need.”


Widows were very poor, the poorest class of all

Forced to give more than she can afford

Her money for food and shelter.


She gave a full day’s pay

Why did she give so much?

Why was she so poor

Yet, surrounded by such wealth?


Two coins was the smallest donation

Demanded by the rich leaders

Some of it would line their pockets

To pay for their life of excess.


The widow gave her gift to God

In thanks for all that he had done

For her people throughout history

So, her gift was acceptable.


She gave money to help maintain

God’s temple where they could pray

For the temple had once been destroyed

For over 100 years.


God had commanded the leaders

Way back through Moses

To care for the widows, orphaned and poor

Within their community.


Remember Ruth a despised foreigner?

If Boaz had not offered her protection

She and Naomi would have died of starvation.


Now, what Jesus saw was no care at all

For widows, orphaned, sick and the poor

The leaders had not obeyed God’s Law

Passed down through Moses generations before.


He said, “God will one day punish those leaders.”

Then, the temple was destroyed after 70 years

God’s love was revealed in the New Testament

Then, worldwide Christian charity spread.


Jesus said in Matthew 25:

“When I was hungry you gave me some food

When I was thirsty you gave me a drink

When I was a stranger you invited me in.


When I was naked you clothed me

When I was sick you visited me

When I was in prison you came to me.”

God judges our heart, our attitude.


When Jesus was tired and thirsty

The divorced woman gave him a drink

When He was unwanted in his home town

Mary and Martha fed and housed him.


Naked Jesus died, nailed to a cross

Two friends took him down and wrapped Him in cloth

They buried him in a donated tomb

They helped their friend Jesus as best they could.


Christian charity we see in our community

People give without getting a return

Giving money or time or sharing what they can

To help someone less fortunate then themselves.


Bible reference:

Luke 20:45-47, Luke 21:1-4

Matthew 25

2 Corinthians 8:12-15

Exodus 16:18



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