It takes two to Tango

It takes two to Tango view

It takes two to Tango

Early one morning

Jesus was teaching

A crowd of people

In the city square.


The religious leaders

Who thought they were ‘holy’

And better than anyone else

Brought a woman to Jesus

They had caught in the act

Having sex with another woman’s husband.


They tossed her barely clothed

In front of the crowd

Embarrassed, degraded and humiliated.


“She is guilty” they judged her

“Of sin against God’s law”

“To be stoned to death is the punishment.”

“What do you have to say about that?”


Now wait a minute, somethings not right

It takes two people to commit adultery?

So where was the man barely clothed

Standing beside her to face the charge?


Jesus knew they were trying to trick him

Into breaking the law of the land

For only the king could sentence to death

A criminal of which she was not.


She looks at her accusers

Then back to the good teacher

Now teased and scoffed on her behalf

Like a cat teases prey before the kill.


Jesus said nothing in reply to them

But, He knelt down beside her

And wrote in the dust.


They demanding an answer

Over and over

He kept them waiting

Until, he stood up.


He looks straight at them

With authority, he spoke

Words of truth to silence

Their evil intent of him.


“Let the one who has never sinned among you

Throw the first stone at this woman”

Then he knelt down again

And wrote in the dust.


All her accusers left one by one

Beginning with the oldest

For they knew they dare not say to Him

That they had never sinned.


Her eyes fixed on his dirty hands

As he knelt in the dust beside her

For in her culture men did not kneel

Lower than a woman.


“Who is this man?

Who lowers himself?

Who dirties his hands for me?

Who silenced my accusers

Even though I am guilty?”


Then, Jesus stood up

And looked straight at her

His eyes spoke gentleness

Love and forgiveness.


“Where are your accusers?

Didn’t they condemn you?”

“No, Lord, not one.” she said.


“Neither do I.

Go my child

And change your ways” he said.


His words dripped with grace

Washing away her shame

Filling her heart with true love

Not the foolish love she had known.


Curious, she is drawn to him

“Who is this man?

I want to know?

I’ve heard of Him,

I must learn more.”

Written by Beverley Joy Hermann ©  2017

This poem is based on the Bible Story found in John Chapter 8